In Southern Africa, ESTDEV focuses on development cooperation in Namibia in the areas of e-government, education, and business development. We support Estonian companies and organisations that help develop the ecosystem of Namibian start-ups based on the Estonian experience. We also promote young people’s digital competencies and increase their opportunities to participate in the labor market. Finally, we have supported the availability of climate change and environmental education in schools.

From 2009–2021, Namibia was supported through various development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects, amounting to nearly 450,000 euros in funding and six implemented projects. As of September 1, 2022, there are four ongoing projects that support young people’s digital literacy, e-learning solutions, and e-government capacity building.

Global Sustainable Development Goals in Namibia

Priority areas of Estonian development cooperation in Namibia

  • Digital transformation – assessing national digital maturity; preparing the corresponding roadmap, including development of existing and new e-government tools and e-services.
  • Entrepreneurship – developing a start-up ecosystem and increasing 21st-century skills among young people; increasing the competitiveness of young people and women in the labor market; introducing digital opportunities through evolving skill sets.
  • Education – providing e-learning solutions; making e-learning materials more accessible; developing digital competences.

Important documents

Ongoing projects in Namibia

Project Project dates Project implementer
Improving Namibia’s youth’s digital literacy and competitiveness on the labour market 01.09.2021–31.03.2023 Garage48 OÜ
Providing eKool services in Namibia 01.08.2021–31.08.2023 eKool AS