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Applying for grants

What projects are supported?

In the framework of development cooperation, support is given to the priority partner countries named in the Estonian Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Program 2022-2025. Such support contributes to the elimination of global poverty and the achievement of sustainable development goals. Support focuses on promoting the economic development and well-being of partner countries, in particular the development of democracy and the rule of law, the promotion of human rights and personal freedoms, environmentally sustainable development, and the country’s additional aspirations, all while considering e-solutions.

Estonia’s development cooperation always takes into account the guarantee of human rights and environmental sustainability. In order to achieve effectiveness and sustainability in development cooperation, Estonia considers it important to follow the principle of women’s empowerment and a gender-equal approach in all development cooperation and humanitarian aid activities.

Who can apply for support?
  • Government agencies or agencies managed by the government
  • Local government institutions or institutions managed by the government
  • Non-profit organizations or foundations registered and permanently operating in the Republic of Estonia, including county or national associations of local government units
  • Other legal entities registered and permanently operating in the Republic of Estonia

In order to implement a project, the applicant must have a cooperation partner in the destination country or an officially registered representative office in the destination country. A cooperation partner can be a legal entity, government, or government-managed institution participating in the implementation of support projects and incurring costs in the process. If local partners are not able to operate in the destination country for political reasons and this is defined accordingly in the conditions of the application round for the destination country, a cooperation partner temporarily operating in exile may be included.

The limits of support and self-financing are confirmed differently in the application cycles and are reflected in the invitation to apply.

Additional Information

Email: [email protected]