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What is the purpose of the scholarship programme?

The purpose of the scholarship programme is to make the education offered in Estonia more accessible to students from development cooperation partner countries, enabling them to study in degree programmes and receive further training in fields that help achieve the development goals of their home country. Priority development cooperation countries for Estonia are Armenia, Botswana, Georgia, Kenya, Moldova, Namibia, Uganda, and Ukraine.

What activities are supported by scholarship programme?
  • Scholarship for the cost of study and living allowance in advanced education, specifically higher education
  • The allocation of a scholarship toward the cost of a study placement in a university during the exchange semester, on the basis of an agreement between partnered universities
  • Reimbursement of the costs of participation in a continuing education programme
  • Allocated funds for initial support of Estonian teachers (travel expenses and living allowance) to facilitate teaching in a developing country (maximum 1 semester)
Who can apply for support?

The applicant may be an Estonian-registered institution providing higher education, a research and development institution, or an institution offering continuing education (must comply with the Adult Education Act). The applicant must comply with the Government of the Republic’s 16.12.2021 requirement specified in Section 9, Subsection 1 of Regulation No. 122, “Conditions and procedures for providing development and humanitarian aid”. A private applicant must meet the requirement set out in Section 9, Subsection 3 of this same regulation.

The limits of the scholarship programme and self-financing are confirmed differently in the application cycles and are reflected in the invitation to apply.

Additional Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +372 629 9217