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Developing digital services for Nam-X

  • SDG8
icon_Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Timeframe 01.06.2024-30.03.2025 Aktiivne
Target group Namibia public sector and citizens
Budget 99 983,50 EUR

Cybernetica will support the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) in developing two digital services for the Nam-X platform. 

Project objectives

Cybernetica will help develop two digital services for the Nam-X platform in Namibia.

Actions and results

First thing is identifying, which digital services/use cases would take priority. Developing these digital services will include conducting information gathering sessions with the relevant stakeholders to understand as-is business processes. Cybernetica will then provide training to the key stakeholders involved with the selected services on service development and advise on implementation best practices. Cybernetica will assist directly with the development of 2 digital services and provide high-level implementation guidance for some existing services into the Nam-X ecosystem. Cybernetica will help test the two digital services that are developed for this project. In the final project report, Cybernetica will link the current initiative to other digital development priority areas in Namibia, providing an understanding of how digital services fit into the broader architecture of digital government.