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Grant recipients announced for projects in Georgia and Moldova

The Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) announced four grant recipients for projects in Georgia and Moldova, with total financing coming to 249,710 euros.

The tender was designed to support local development in Georgia and Moldova by incorporating Estonian best practices in promoting democracy, strengthening independent media, empowering civil society, and promoting education. Projects must also support gender equality and environmental sustainability and help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The budget for the Moldovan application round was 150,000 euros, and the Georgian application round was 100,000 euros.

Marika Kundla, ESTDEV’s project manager for tenders for the European Union Eastern Neighborhood, said that it is a pleasure to note that the third sector, in addition to private companies and universities, participates in development cooperation calls for proposals. "The interest in participating in the tender shows a great desire to implement important projects for the target countries and thereby share Estonia's best practices in important fields for the partner countries," said Kundla.

Grant recipients for projects in Georgia

NGO Eesti Pagulasabi 

"Empowering the voices of civil society and refugees in Georgia (2)”

This project aims to continue empowering internally displaced people in Georgia and refugees living in Georgia. It will support them as they solve the challenges facing their communities in a systematic and citizen-initiated manner while also improving the representation and inclusion of refugees in Georgian society and social awareness of forced migration.

  • Grant amount: €43,397
  • Project period: 01.04.2024-31.12.2024

NGO Mondo

"The first phase of the development of an online police service in Georgia”

This project is designed to improve gender-based cyber security, especially for women and girls, and to encourage intersectoral cooperation in the prevention and fight against gender-based cyber violence in Georgia. In addition, the project aims to introduce a gender-sensitive approach to solving cybercrime cases in the work of law enforcement agencies.

  • Grant amount: €56,603
  • Project period: 01.03.2024-31.12.2024

Grant recipients for projects in Moldova

Cybernetica AS 

"Assessment and analysis of Moldova's digital identity ecosystem, to support the provision of secure digital identity and trust services in the future”

This project will support Moldova as it implements a new digital identity solution that complies with both the current eIDAS, the European Union's digital identity regulation, and eIDAS 2.0, which will be implemented in the near future.

  • Grant amount: €83,410
  • Project period: 01.03.2024-31.07.2024

University of Tartu 

"Estonian best practices for increasing Moldova's higher education capacity”

This project aims to address the challenges facing Moldovan higher education institutions by equipping pedagogues with digital skills and strengthening e-learning quality assurance practices, improving master's students' knowledge of European integration and improving their "future skills" to make them competitive in the labour market as the next generation of European leaders, and raising the professional skills of doctoral students by offering networking opportunities with Estonian researchers to promote the transfer of know-how and best practices.

  • Grant amount: €66,300
  • Project period: 01.03.2024-31.12.2024

More information about ongoing and completed calls for proposals can be found here.