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Estonia will contribute €70 million to development cooperation and reconstruction in Ukraine


Välisminister Margus Tsahkna
Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna gave the annual foreign policy speech before the Riigikogu today, in which he gave an overview of Estonia's foreign policy goals, targets and directions.

In his annual speech, Minister Tsahkna said that Estonia will allocate 70 million euros to development cooperation and reconstruction in Ukraine between 2022 and 2027. In addition to €70 million for development cooperation, Estonia will allocate €30 million for humanitarian aid in the coming years. 

In his speech, Tsahkna stressed that Estonia's and Europe's security is ensured by the continued support and reconstruction of Ukraine. Tsahkna said that Estonia has been a trailblazer and role model in reconstruction and support to Ukraine. "By directing our strength and resources to rebuilding Ukraine, we are helping the people of Ukraine to cope better with the harsh consequences of this war," he said. To illustrate Estonia's contribution to Ukraine's reconstruction so far, Tsahkna also spoke of the projects ESTDEV has spearheaded. 

“We have built a wooden module kindergarten with a bomb shelter in Ovruch and restored the bridge connecting the two parts of the city of Malyn, essential for the operations of daily life. We continue cooperating actively with international donors and engaging with Estonia’s development and business communities. To bring hope to children, Estonia is building four family homes in Ukraine in addition to the kindergarten,” said Tsahkna. 

In order for Ukraine to win the war, Tsahkna said, it is necessary to continue working on the next sanctions packages; to isolate Russia in the international arena and punish war criminals; to agree on long-term and sustainable military support to Ukraine; and to rebuild Ukraine now so that Ukrainians can better cope with the consequences of the war. The Minister added that Ukraine's future lies in the European Union and NATO.

Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna's full annual foreign policy speech can be read here.