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Supporting Kenya’s digital transition towards a sustainable and human centered digitalisation

  • SDG8
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Digital Transformation

Timeframe 01.12.2022-30.06.2025 Aktiivne
Target group Keenia avalik sektor
Budget 2 400 000 EUR
  • Euroopa Komisjon

With a young and enterprising population, Kenya has the potential to further transform its economy, society and environment through digitalisation. Taking advantage of a fairly advanced digital ecosystem, the Government of Kenya (GoK) aspires to turn the country into an intercontinental hub for ICT, e-commerce, and digital services.

ESTDEV and GIZ have signed a cooperation agreement, with the value of €2.4 million, aimed at promoting the digitalisation of Kenya so that the country and its partners may create an open and coherent digital society. 

Project objectives

The overall expected impact of this project is to strengthen open and inclusive digital governance in Kenya. We work together with the EU Delegation and GIZ on as well as ICTA and MoICT on helping Kenya achieve goals set in the country’s Digital Economy Blueprint and Vision 2030.

Actions and results

This cooperative partnership between GIZ, European Union and ESTDEV opens up new opportunities for the Kenyan government to build a coherent and open digital society, increase transparency, and reduce bureaucracy.

We do this though:

  • helping the country assess its digital readiness;

  • developing a nation-wide interoperability and secure data Exchange framework;

  • developing human-centered e-services;

  • helping improve policy on e-government systems and standards;

  • capacity building for enablers of digital transformation (public officials).

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