Ukraine: Supporting the Rule of Law in the Areas of Police, Public Prosecution, Anti-Corruption, and Good Governance

Period: 01.10.2020–31.05.2023.

Country: Ukraine

Description: The aim of this project is to support the reform of Ukraine’s law enforcement structures, increase their credibility, and initiate transparent governance. Focus is most specifically on the Prosecutor’s Office.

The project targets three areas of growth: criminal policy, communication and credibility of the Prosecutor’s Office, and case management. Development of criminal policy that will, first and foremost, foster comprehensive decision making and increased credibility of the Prosecutor’s Office is a priority. In this effort, particular attention will be paid to the child-sensitive treatment of juveniles. Secondly, the implementation of a communication strategy for the Public Prosecution Office that buoys open justice tactics is being supported, in order to improve the credibility of this institution in the eyes of Ukrainian society. The final area of focus is the development and implementation of the effective e-case management system (eCMS) in Ukraine.

Target group: Ukrainian law enforcement structures, primarily the Public Prosecution Office

Funding: European Union through United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (using funds for development cooperation and humanitarian aid)

Budget: €970,600