Uganda: LIFT: Leading Innovative Future Together

Period: 01.10.2022 – 30.04.2023

Country: Uganda

Description: ESTDEV, in cooperation with kood/Jõhvi school, is supporting the development of IT experts in Uganda by preparing them to be up-to-date and competitive. Through this cooperation, Refactory, the in-service training provider in Uganda, receives advice and mentorship based on Estonian expertise in the field of IT education. Refactory is a distinguished training provider, sought after by Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports and the Ministry of IT. They also work with local universities and employers. This activity’s purpose is to contribute to the development of the Refactory program and to provide Refactory with mentorship from Estonian experts, overall improving the experience and education offered to participants. Ugandan youth participating in the training program receive instruction in topics such as general trends in the IT market and establish the skills necessary for IT developers. Through the project, ESTDEV contributes to the growth of local IT expertise; it is also an opportunity to map out further possibilities for cooperation in East Africa.

Throughout, the project helps bring the training offered into greater alignment with the needs of the labor market and, together with local partners, contributes to improving the quality of Uganda’s IT workforce. This, in the long term, also helps to increase the equal availability of state services to people through the development of e-services.

Partners: kood/Jõhvi

Funding: ESTDEV

Budget: EUR 10,000