Rebuilding Ukraine

The purpose of the project is to restore or rebuild public infrastructure tools and facilities destroyed in the war. The project aims to accomplish two accompanying goals in the process: to support women and children affected by the war by encouraging, among other things, and to further economic cooperation between Estonia and Ukraine. In order to ensure children’s education, also affected by Russian aggression, Estonia has decided to support Ukraine by building a kindergarten in the town of Ovruch. The construction of the kindergarten in Ovruch is being carried out by the Estonian Center for International Development Cooperation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allocated 1.9 million euros from this year’s additional budget to organize the work.

A Modular Wooden Kindergarten in the City of Ovruch, Zhytomyr Oblast

  • The Ovruch kindergarten is one of 15 strategic facilities the Zhytomyr government is asking foreign countries to help construct.
  • Considering Estonia’s strength in the production and export of wooden modular buildings, as well as Estonia’s expertise in the field of educational technology and pedagogy, building a kindergarten is a task that Estonia can undertake.
  • A large part of the work, such as the production and furnishing of the modules, takes place in Estonia, which helps to mitigate the risks of construction activities overlapping military activities.

The End of the First Stage of Construction: Laying the Cornerstone for the Kindergarten on 28 September 2022.

  • The first stage of the project allows for the construction of a 4-classroom kindergarten, hosting about 80 children, plus an assembly hall/gym, kitchen, toilet/washrooms, furnishings (furniture, technology, etc.), and playground.
  • As an additional requirement, a bomb shelter must be included, without which no children’s institution can operate starting from the 2022/23 school year.
  • Ovruch’s real need is for a kindergarten with enough space to host 160 children.

Estonian Private Companies Participate in Construction

  • Tiit Silla Architectural Firm created a blueprint of the kindergarten
  • Primostar OÜ provided waterproof materials for the construction of an underground bomb shelter
  • Kitman Thule AS and SolarStone have offered their help
  • The Estonian Wooden Houses Association is a cooperation partner of this project

Information Regarding Procurement

  • Procurement 1, preparation of a preliminary design: Procurement carried out, Ukrainian designer LLC “CREATIVE ARCHITECTURAL WORKSHOP ALLIANCE” recognised as successful, contract under conclusion. The project was completed at the end of September.
  • Procurement 2, module production, transport, and installation: The contract with the manufacturer will be signed in October, with module design in October and November, production in December, and installation in January and February 2023. Deadline 28.02.2023.
  • Procurement 3, main contractor in Ukraine, including foundations, bomb shelter and general management: The contract will be concluded in October, preparation of the work project in October, construction from November 2022 – February 2023. Deadline 28.02.2023.
  • Procurement 4, loose furniture: The tender will be announced in October. Production November – December 2022, transport and installation January – February 2023.
  • Procurement 5, kitchen furniture: The tender will be announced in October. Production November – December 2022, transport and installation January – February 2023.



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