North Macedonia: Enhancing transparent governance by implementing modern e-governance solutions

Time: 01.09.2021–28.02.2023.

Country: North Macedonia.

Description: The aim of this project is to foster a framework for cooperation between Estonia, North Macedonia, and the United States. This project supports North Macedonia’s overall development and European Union (EU) accession goals, providing expertise from Estonia’s well-run institutions and success stories. The collaboration seeks to create this framework in several phases, with an overarching government-to-government collaborative framework and a specific project to bring Estonia’s competency in e-governance to North Macedonia. More detailed work-plan will be elaborated and agreed on at a high level in the initial phase of the project to create a solid understanding of real needs and possibilities of all involved parties and to build ownership of project results.

Funding: This project is funded through a U.S. Embassy Skopje grant and co-funded by ESTDEV.

Budget: $350,000.