Notification and Use of the Trademark

Partners of the Estonian Center for International Development (ESTDEV) who cooperate within the framework of various projects, or who have an agreement with ESTDEV to receive funding, are obliged to use the “ESTDEV – From the People of Estonia” trademark.

Notification Requirements for the Contracted Partner

The project partners of ESTDEV are obliged to inform the public that a project is being implemented with the support of the Estonian state. The recipient of funding, including co-financing, is obliged to use the trademark, “ESTDEV – From the People of Estonia”, and to denote all objects and activities with it, including information (all public communication about the project’s goals, interim reports, results, information reported at events, websites, social and other media, information materials, marketing, etc.).

Since informing the public is mandatory, the recipient of the grant must take into account the costs related to informing during the budgeting phase of the project. When submitting the application, a preliminary communication plan must also be included, where the main target groups, messages, and activities are identified. Also required is a planning framework for informing the target groups: whether the creation of special social media accounts or pages is planned; whether journalists are involved and press events are organized, etc. The costs related to notification must be covered in the project budget.

In addition to the trademark, the beneficiary is obliged to refer to the project sponsor as follows:

  • In texts: This project is supported by ESTDEV – Estonian Center for International Development Cooperation
  • On social media: This project is supported by #ESTDEV #FromThePeopleOfEstonia and ESTDEV handle on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • In the press: Both oral presentations and written articles must contain a reference to the sponsor of the project: “This project is supported by ESTDEV – Estonian Center for International Development Cooperation”

World education and outreach projects in Estonia may use the ESTDEV logo without the English tagline (“From the people of Estonia”) to indicate funding.


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