Kyrgyzstan and Estonia share a similar history; both gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and have been affirming their national cultural identities ever since. In Kyrgyzstan, putting more power in the hands of the people and strengthening the country’s economy are of utmost importance. Estonia has been a development partner of Kyrgyzstan’s since 2002, with core projects aimed at developing education and entrepreneurship, promoting public health, supporting effective management, and implementing IT solutions.

ESTDEV has a strong background in sharing Estonian experience and best practices in the countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership, including as a leader in large multi-million euro budget projects with international donors. This is especially relevant in Kyrgyzstan, where many countries are active partners in development cooperation. In Kyrgyzstan, Estonian experience and best practices are trusted, especially when it comes to involving civil society in local level decision-making, using digital solutions to simplify the lives of ordinary people, constructing communication practices with and among authorities, and using modern solutions (including digital skills) in vocational training and business.

Through development cooperation beginning in 2002, Estonia has invested nearly €1.7 million in Kyrgyzstan. During this period, 47 projects have been implemented.

Global Sustainable Development Goals in Kyrgyzstan

Priority Areas of Estonian Development Cooperation in Kyrgyzstan

  • Reduction of poverty – developing the business environment, promoting entrepreneurial activity and the development of a start-up community, and creating a competitive support system for start-up companies.
  • Education – developing the digital skills of young people and women in rural areas and increasing their participation in business and local decision-making processes.
  • Democracy and good governance – reducing the cost for citizens to communicate with government agencies, improving the administrative efficiency of the government, increasing the transparency of government agencies, increasing trust in the government, and contributing to the fight against corruption.

Relevant Documents

Ongoing Projects in Kyrgyzstan

Project Project Dates Project Implementer
Building a Transparent Future for Rural Communities via Digitalisation 01.12.2020–31.05.2023 ESTDEV