Moldova: Implementing Democratic Governance Based on EU Values and Principles of Transparency: Applying Estonian Reform Experiences to Empower Local Governments in Moldova

Period: 01.09.2019–31.12.2022

Country: Moldova

Description: Valuing integration with the European Union and following the European values-based governance principles are decisive in development of Moldova. Project activities in the Selemeti, Hincesti, and Palanca municipalities in Moldova are based upon strengthening these approaches and encouraging their application on the local level by implementing practices that draw on Estonian experiences to enhance cooperation with the local civil society, and develop local and rural entrepreneurship and activities. The project also helps develop the local governments’ communication capacity and cooperation with the local media. Moreover, project activities include developing different formats of local media, and helping to increase the reliability and professionalism of information society through, for example, preventing the spread of disinformation.

Funding: ESTDEV

Budget: €169,620