Funding opportunity: 160,000 EUR for co-financed projects

Thursday 30.11.2023 to Thursday 30.11.2023

Estonian Centre for International Development announces

Funding opportunity

160,000 EUR for co-financed projects

The projects must be in compliance with Estonia’s development cooperation and humanitarian aid programme for 2022-2025.

The goal of the funding round is to support the development of the target countries of Estonian development cooperation (except Ukraine) within the priority areas and global education activities in Estonia. Priority target countries are Armenia, Botswana, Georgia, Kenya, Moldova, Namibia, Uganda, Belarus.

Project duration and grant size

  • The maximum amount of funding is 50,000 € per application.
  • In order to implement the project, the applicant must have a co-financier, which is another donor country or an international organization.
  • One applicant can apply for the funding of one co-financed project. The applicant has to be a legal entity registred in the Republic of Estonia.
  • A draft of the project submitted to the co-financier has to be attached to the application. Before signing the contract, a copy of the funding decision made by the co-financier or the copy of signed grant agreement must be submitted.
  • The funding round is suitable for projects which implementation period is approved by the co-financier until the end of the eligibility period of the project.

Structure of the application

The project application must be submitted on the form provided by the centre, which is available on the centre’s website and attached to the call for applications. All applicable fields of the application form must be filled in. The application must comply with the conditions of regulation No. 122 (December 16, 2021) of the Government of the Republic of Estonia. All applications must implement the impact assessment system developed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Application evaluation criteria

The evaluation process is based on the funding announcement and evaluation instructions approved by decision of the Board of the centre No. 1-2/50-2023 of 03.07.2023.

The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • the purposefulness of the project and compliance with the priority area of ​​development cooperation (40%)
  • the capacity and competence of the applicant in the implementation of international projects (40%)
  • justification of project expenses (10%)
  • project sustainability and risk assessment (10%)

Application forms

The funding round is open until November 30, 2023. All the applications must be in Estonian and the applicant has to be a legal entity registred in the Republic of Estonia.

Digitally signed application must be sent to the e-mail address [email protected]

The regulation governing the arrangement of development cooperation has been published in Riigi Teataja portal. Additional materials for the applicant are available on ESTDEV’s website.

Additional information

Marika Kundla
[email protected]
+ 372 530 699 50

Annika Leek
[email protected]
+ 372 578 704 73

Thursday 30.11.2023 to Thursday 30.11.2023