Summer Intern Gets to Know the Work of ESTDEV’s Communications Team During Four-Week Internship

This summer, intern Kaisa Siimann joined ESTDEV’s communication team and had the opportunity to meet the bright actors of Estonian development cooperation, write articles, participate in the creation of ESTDEV’s communication strategy, and create content for social media and the website.

How did you find yourself applying for the summer internship at ESTDEV’s communications office, and what were your expectations when coming into the internship?

Kaisa Siimann. Photo: ESTDEV

Kaisa Siimann: I found the offer to come to ESTDEV’s internship at the last moment, but since I had secretly been thinking about studying communications, I felt that I couldn’t miss this opportunity. When I came to practice, I tried to avoid assumptions, rather I set myself the goal of learning as much as possible about international cooperation and communication.

You have been on a summer internship with us for four weeks now. What was most memorable for you?

Kaisa Siimann: It must be admitted that these four weeks passed very quickly, and all the tasks I was able to deal with during this internship added up to one complete and memorable experience. But specifically, I can point out, for example, the AKÜ and ESTDEV consultation, where communication specialists from different sectors met at one table. This was interesting to observe from a professional perspective.

What was your typical day like during the internship? What were your tasks?

Kaisa Siimann: A normal day started in the morning with a meeting, where we mapped out the topics to be discussed during the day. At the same time, there was room for flexibility in each day to adapt to things that required attention. My tasks primarily included writing and editing news stories, but I also got to work on social media and the website.

Your previous background is language editing, and now you got to work with our communications team. What surprised you the most about this job?

Kaisa Siimann: The skills of a language editor are certainly very important in communication, because words are the main working tool in both fields. What makes communication especially exciting for me is that, in addition to the question of how to say something, you also have to focus on what to say and to whom.

“What makes communication especially exciting for me is that,
in addition to the question of how to say something,
you also have to focus on what to say and to whom.”

Kaisa Siimann, intern

How would you describe your internship experience?

Kaisa Siimann: The practice was a great resource for me. In the office, I had the opportunity to work with specialists in my field, from whom I could learn something new every day, and who were always supportive and encouraged me to find solutions in new situations.

What are your future plans?

Kaisa Siimann: Initially, I am going to study abroad in the fall to improve my skills in creative writing. However, the field of communication is still of great interest to me, and I hope that in the future I will have the opportunity to get to know it even more thoroughly.

Thanks to Kaisa for her contribution to the ESTDEV communication team! Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for future internship offers.

Estonian Centre for International Development is a government foundation that manages and implements Estonia’s participation in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects, with the aim of increasing Estonia’s contribution to global security and sustainable development.