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mln EUR, Estonia's ODA in 2023



of Estonia's GDP for helping Ukraine



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Construction of the Estonian family homes in Ukraine has started

This year, Estonia will build three family houses in the town of Zhytomyr, Ukraine, to house large foster families raising children orphaned by war. In addition to the construction, ESTDEV will organise training for family parents and social workers and support the restructuring of the Ukrainian social welfare system. Reconstruction of Ukraine is a priority for Estonian development cooperation. 

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Focus areas

The Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) is a government-funded foundation responsible for managing and implementing Estonia’s international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance projects.

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Supporting Kenya’s digital transition

This GIZ-EU-ESTDEV cooperative partnership opens up new opportunities for the Kenyan government to build a coherent and open digital society, increase transparency, and reduce bureaucracy.

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ESTDEV Keenias

Faces and Stories

Christine Karelska ESTDEV Ukraine

"Diplomacy is not rocket science, it’s an art."

Christine Karelska
Advisor to the Vice-Mayor of Odessa

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Joseph Kikomeko Uganda ESTDEV

"Estonians’ knowledge is very necessary for developing the framework."

Joseph Kikomeko
Head of the Working Group for Uganda’s Qualifications Framework

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Andrei Uncuta Moldova ESTDEV

"Visit to Estonia showed us the benefits of digital health interventions."

Andrei Uncuta
Director of the Timofei Moșneaga Republican Clinical Hospital

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Dino Ballotti NIPDB ESTDEV-edited

“Estonia feels like Europe’s Silicon Valley.”

Dino Ballotti
Executive Director of the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board

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