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Rebuilding Ukraine

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Rebuilding Ukraine

The development of Ukraine into a democratic state governed by the rule of law will determine all of Europe’s—including Estonia’s—future security environment. Therefore, supporting the reconstruction of the Ukrainian state and society is an important development cooperation goal for Estonia. Estonia's support focuses on Zhytomyr Oblast in Western Ukraine, but we can share our experience in other regions of Ukraine by collaborating on international initiatives.

Estonia will allocate 70 million euros to development cooperation and reconstruction in Ukraine between 2022 and 2027. 

Estonian Foreign Minister MargusTsahkna claimed that Estonia's and Europe's security is ensured by the continued support and reconstruction of Ukraine. Accoding to minister, Estonia has been a trailblazer and role model in reconstruction and support to Ukraine. "By directing our strength and resources to rebuilding Ukraine, we are helping the people of Ukraine to cope better with the harsh consequences of this war," Tsahkna said.

"When planning Estonia's development cooperation activities, we must understand Ukraine's real needs. We need to identify the most critical objects whose reconstruction will help Ukraine restore everyday life to its people. These decisions must be based on real needs, not political interests."

Margus Geringhead of Cooperation and Development for Ukraine


Operating principles for Ukraine

  • We start by understanding Ukraine's needs and expectations and lead projects from there.
  • We involve all stakeholders, including the public, private and third sectors.
  • Our activities support the stabilisation and modernisation of Ukraine and its accession to the European Union.
  • We define prerequisites for entrepreneurs to enter the Ukrainian market.
  • We strengthen our initiatives by involving other donors, including other countries, development banks, international organisations and private foundations.


Focus areas

  • Support for reforms: preparing Ukraine to join the EU by sharing Estonia's reform experience.
  • Digital and cyber literacy development: creating an open and efficient digital society based on the Estonian experience.
  • Infrastructure construction: sharing best practices that comply with EU standards and align with Estonian know-how.
  • Educationsharing Estonia’s educational sector reform experience, introducing and implementing digital solutions and pedagogy.



New kindergarten in Ovruch 

Lasteaed Ovrutšis

A safe place to study for 160 children and teacher training

Estonia was one of the first countries to construct a kindergarten in Ukraine, using high-quality wooden modular buildings.  ESTDEV has also facilitated training for kindergarten teachers and administrators in Estonia, including an introduction to digital educational solutions for teaching and kindergarten management. The construction was supported by the Estonian government, Iceland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of Flanders. Read more


The Malyn Bridge reconstruction 

Malõni sild

Restoring transportation links in the Zhytomyr Region

The 152-meter Malyn Bridge, spanning the Irsha River, is one of Zhytomyr Region's main transport hubs, connecting the country's northern and southern roads. The overhaul of the Malyn Bridge was a 2.8 million-euro joint project between Estonia and Ukraine, of which Ukraine paid 1.8 million and Estonia 1 million euros. Read more



Family-style group homes for children orphaned by war 

OZF perekodu

Providing stability for foster families

The "Room for Childhood" initiative from the Ukrainian First Lady’s foundation, the Olena Zelenska Foundation, has provided the framework for building family-style group homes for foster families and children orphaned by the war. To date, Estonia has financed the construction of one family-style group home. In addition, ESTDEV has facilitated training in Estonia for foster parents on trauma-informed care. Read more

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