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Digital Transformation

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  • SDG17
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ESTDEV's digital development activities support partners as they develop secure, user-oriented e-services for their citizens. An e-state increases the transparency of state governance, reduces opportunities for corruption, and enables citizens to communicate with the state more easily. This increases marginalised groups’ access to state services and reduces public spending on state governance.

Estonia has more than 20 years of e-governance experience, but many of our partner countries are still in the process of organising coordinated, user-centred (human-centred) e-governance systems. ESTDEV has the opportunity to share Estonia’s wealth of expertise and offer solutions to facilitate the process and encourage governments and citizens of these countries. Our strong reputation and corporate experience contribute to this leap in development in the priority countries for Estonia’s development cooperation. Functioning solutions and completed projects help consolidate Estonia's global reputation as a digitally advanced nation.

Thematic priorities:

  • Provide consultation services on the architecture of government e-solutions
  • Analyse digital development opportunities and draw up action plans and project roadmaps
  • Create platforms to increase system interoperabilities
  • Develop modern e-services according to partner country needs
  • Advise on issues related to data quality and data management
  • Organise training to develop digital skills and knowledge

Regional priorities

We operate primarily in the target countries of our development cooperation, but for regional projects, we may also work with our cooperation partners in other countries. The majority of our digitisation projects are being implemented in Africa.