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Democracy and Rule of Law

  • SDG16
  • SDG10
  • SDG5

Estonian development cooperation prioritises the development of democracy, the rule of law and good governance practices, and the empowerment of civil society. ESTDEV's goal is to support partner countries as they create more coherent democratic entities with a stronger rule of law and implement e-governance solutions to increase transparency, reduce corruption and improve efficiency.

In Estonia, building democratic institutions has gone hand -in-hand with the digitalisation of work processes, improved human rights and the promotion of gender equality. ESTDEV is able to share Estonia's reform experience and expertise in building a digital country with its partner countries. 

Thematic priorities

  • Promote good governance and e-governance
  • Strengthen the rule of law 
  • Carry out institutional reforms
  • Strengthen security agencies
  • Support necessary reforms and competency-building for joining the European Union
  • Strengthen media freedom

ESTDEV is able to implement democracy and rule of law programs by cooperating with a wide network of experts and partners in Estonia and partner countries and developing long-term partnerships with non-governmental organisations and the private sector, whose activities in the target countries are financed through open calls for proposals.

Regional priorities

  • Ukraine — support the country's accession to the European Union by harmonising legislation and regulations and implementing public sector reforms
  • Moldova — strengthen democracy and good governance before the country’s accession to the European Union; introduce and implement digital and e-government solutions in the public sector
  • Botswana, Kenya, Namibia and Uganda — promote e-governance and e-services in the public sector while paying special attention to the rights of women and children

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