This is not just Ukraine’s war, it affects us all

Statement by the Estonian Centre for International Development

Supporting democracy in Ukraine has always been essential in Estonian foreign policy. Over the years, the success story of Estonia has inspired many Ukrainians. Today, our friends and colleagues in Ukraine are presented with the utmost challenge one nation can face.

Together with our allies, the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) has consistently contributed to the development of Ukraine –  from strengthening the law enforcement reforms, building an innovative education system and more inclusive business environment, to supporting local governments and media in the Kherson region, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Zaporizhia, Dnipro and Kharkiv. Our Ukrainian colleagues have appreciated and valued Estonia’s support.

Today, the people of Ukraine need our help more than ever before but in a different way.

We can and must provide our Ukrainian friends with practical assistance to fight the aggressor, protect their homeland and democratic values.

We call upon our partners to collaborate with EstDev and provide our counterparts in Ukraine with the knowledge and skills they need the most.

The war in Ukraine affects us all.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!