Estonia supports Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey with 220,000 euros

The Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) allocates 220,000 euros to Mondo and the Estonian Refugee Council to support Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. With funding, ESTDEV supports follow-up projects which focus on promoting education (including digital competencies in the field of education) and developing entrepreneurship, particularly with the aim of supporting independent living for women, young people, and children.

Azraq Refugee Camp - Photo: UNHCR

The NGO Mondo project focuses on improving the livelihoods of Syrian refugee women in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey through digital literacy and entrepreneurship. In Turkey, the project provides psychosocial support for children through playful and developmental workshops. The total cost of the project is 109,995 euros, and the duration is 01.07.2022-30.06.2023.

“The situation in Syria and its neighboring countries has not changed significantly, and those who were forced to leave their homeland continue to need support. It is important that other conflicts and humanitarian disasters are not forgotten alongside the war in Ukraine. We are very pleased that the Estonian state has decided to support refugees in countries neighboring Syria, and Mondo can continue the already well-established activities to improve the livelihoods of refugees,” said Triinu Ossinovski, a member of the board of Mondo.

The Estonian Refugee Council project in Jordan supports the independent livelihood of Syrian refugees by developing water-efficient agriculture and increasing food security. In the course of the project, existing farm will be expanded, and a training centre will be created to teach environmentally friendly farming methods. In addition, the project will offer online expert workshops to explain the principles of sustainable plant production. The total cost of the project is 110,441.90 euros, and it will be implemented between 01.06.2022 and 30.11.2023.

Eero Janson, director of Estonian Refugee Council, explains: “Estonian Refugee Council has been operating in Jordan since 2018. We have our own office on site and work with our team on site. We operate in the northern part of Jordan, which has received the most Syrian refugees. With the support of the Estonian state, we have built water-efficient hydroponic greenhouses there, which at the same time improve the food security of this desert country through the development of water-efficient agriculture and provide jobs for vulnerable people. As part of this follow-up project, we will reach even more people and provide a wider range of support to people in need.”

Previously, the Estonian state has supported refugee children and women living in Turkey and Lebanon through education and practical skills training. In previous years, Mondo has provided education and psychosocial support in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, with a particular focus on children, young people, and women. Young war refugees were able to return to school and acquire state-of-the-art IT skills (such as programming, artificial intelligence, and web development) and language skills, which will significantly improve their competitiveness in the labor market.

In addition, through the activities of the Estonian Refugee Council in Jordan, Estonia has supported Syrian refugees by teaching them environmentally friendly farming methods. For example, Estonia financed a social enterprise there that developed hydroponic plant growing and food production.

For Estonian funding, the design and manufacturing company Master Peace was developed in Lebanon, which provided income (“cash-for-work”) and new skills to Syrian refugees.


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Estonian Centre for International Development is a government foundation that manages and implements Estonia’s participation in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects, with the aim of increasing Estonia’s contribution to global security and sustainable development.