Ovruch Kindergarten To Be Decorated with Wallpaper Created by Ukrainian Students

Ukrainian students studying in Estonia are developing the interior design of the Ovruch kindergarten as part of a workshop series at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA). Outstanding work completed during the course will be printed as wallpaper to decorate the kindergarten’s four rooms.

According to the students, as they are safe in Estonia now, it is important to give back to their country and contribute to the rebuilding of their homeland. Within the framework of this course, they have an opportunity to create a positive learning environment for Ukrainian children.

Students are also participating in workshops that cover a range of topics including storytelling through the language of pictures, child-centered interior design, finding one’s own visual language, and copyright issues in artistic creations. The students are applying all of these skills in the kindergarten project, and the children and community will surely benefit.

“In addition to providing education, it is important for us to give Ukrainian students who have relocated here practical opportunities for self-actualization. What better opportunity than this, in which they themselves can create a pleasant place for their younger compatriots to learn. Beyond a doubt, they know the local situation and ways of life better than we do, and can customize this kindergarten in a genuine way that we cannot,” explained Anne Pikkov, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at EKA and one of the leaders of the project.

Photo: Estonian Academy of Arts

“I am delighted that we can directly involve the people of Ukraine in the completion of this kindergarten, and offer Ukrainian students studying here the opportunity to take part in the reconstruction of their country,” said Tarmo Needo, Head of Infrastructure Development Projects in Ukraine at ESTDEV.

“In addition to building a durable and energy-efficient kindergarten, the goal was to involve the community of the Ovruch city, children and their parents,” commented Tiit Sild, author of the Ovruch kindergarten blueprints. “Therefore, we considered it essential to involve local Ukrainian artists early in giving this seemingly simple modular building a personality and local feeling. Every building should have its own story, and the more multi-faceted its origin is, the better.”

The final evaluation of all design work will take place on March 28. The winning design will be used as wallpaper, decorating the rooms of the kindergarten. The proud winner will also receive a financial award.

This project was initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Estonia, the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV), and the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA).

Estonia is the first country to begin physically contributing to the rebuilding of Ukraine, and seeks to set an example for other countries through its initiative and successful projects.

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Estonian Centre for International Development is a government foundation that manages and implements Estonia’s participation in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects, with the aim of increasing Estonia’s contribution to global security and sustainable development.