Nordecon Becomes the General Contractor for the New Kindergarten in Ukraine

The esteemed Estonian construction group, Nordecon, is officially the general contractor for the construction of a kindergarten in the town of Ovruch, Estonia’s first reconstruction project in Ukraine. Nordecon won the €780,000 bid, which includes a general construction contract, the design and construction of a bomb shelter, infrastructure components (waterworks, sewage systems, heating networks), and outdoor space, all to take place over 180 days. The project will be completed in collaboration with Nordecon’s subsidiary, Eurocon Ukraine.

Mayor of Ovruch and representatives of Eurocon Ukraine

The contract was signed today by ESTDEV’s acting CEO, Andrea Kivi, and Member of the Nordecon Management Board Priit Luman.

“It is symbolic that our first reconstruction project is a kindergarten: we are building Ukraine’s future, we are providing a learning environment in which children will feel safe, curious, and inspired. Along with the kindergarten’s construction, we will provide the best educational experience Estonia has to offer, by training the school’s leaders, teachers, and psychologists,” explained Kivi.

“The opportunity to contribute to the reconstruction of this country, in the area of our expertise, is cherished by the Nordecon organisation and our employees. In cooperation with our Ukrainian colleagues, we can do something very real that can give Zhytomyr families confidence in their future,” said Luman. “Construction in wartime is undoubtedly stressful, but as an Ukraine-based company, Eurocon has the skills and courage to make it happen.”

“Estonia is a steadfast supporter of Ukraine, both in humanitarian aid, desperately needed to to survive the harsh winter, and defense, essential to win the war. However, the construction of this kindergarten in Zhytomyr Oblast marks the first time in the history of Estonian development cooperation that the public and private sectors have worked together toward a common goal,” stated Mariin Ratnik, Undersecretary for Development Aid, International Trade and Business Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and head of coordination of reconstruction in Ukraine. “My heartfelt thanks to all Estonian companies, NGOs, and citizens who so tirelessly support the people of Ukraine as having joined their fight for freedom and the values of democracy.”

In addition to Nordecon’s contribution, several entrepreneurs have offered their services free of charge, and this has advanced the project quickly. Tiit Silla Architecture Firm Sport OÜ has created workable blueprints, and Primostar OÜ will supply waterproofing materials for an underground bomb shelter. Kitman Thule AS and SolarStone OÜ have also offered their help, providing furniture and solar paneling.  This project is further supported by Woodhouse Estonia.

Laying the cornerstone

“It is promising on many levels that Nordecon’s subsidiary, Eurocon Ukraine, is actively participating in the construction of this kindergarten. Because of their involvement, it will be possible to more actively include Ukrainian companies in future reconstruction projects in and from Estonia,” declared Kivi.

The kindergarten’s modules are to be produced by Harmet OÜ (contract signed on 25. November 2022).

The construction of the kindergarten in Ovruch is being carried out by the Estonian Center for International Development. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allocated 1.9 million euros from this year’s additional budget for the organization of this project.

In addition to building a kindergarten, Estonia has promised €1,000,000 toward the reconstruction of Ukraine, including a bridge in the town of Malone, in Zhytomyr Oblast.

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Nordecon is one of the largest construction groups in Estonia, operating in almost all areas of the construction market with a primary focus on general construction contract work. The Nordecon group includes several subsidiaries in Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, and Sweden. Since 2006, the group’s shares have been listed on the main list of the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

ESTDEV is a state foundation that organizes and coordinates Estonia’s participation in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid programs, with the aim of increasing Estonia’s contribution to global security and sustainable development.

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