ESTDEV-sponsored students graduated from the Estonian School of Diplomacy

Congratulations to all 21 students, who have successfully completed the 60-credit training course “International Relations and European Integration” at the Estonian School of Diplomacy (EDK). 15 of them were public servants from Ukraine, Georgia, Kenya, Armenia, Moldova and Uganda who studied in Estonia with the scholarship from the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV).

“The ever-expanding international communication and the recently tightened global security have increased the importance of external relations for both civil servants and the private sector employees. These are the challenges our curriculum is addressing,” said Ekke Nõmm, Director of EDK.

The ESTDEV’s scholarship programme aims to strengthen diplomacy and nurture bilateral relationships between Estonia and its partner countries. The programme is designed for Estonian education institutions to accept students from partner countries such as Armenia, Botswana, Georgia, Kenya, Moldova, Namibia, Uganda, and Ukraine to study in Estonia.

“The scholarship programme is a good development cooperation measure that has a positive impact in both Estonia and the partner country. We open doors to students and  support them in developing necessary competencies in areas where our partner countries have a need and Estonia has a strong expertise to offer. Internationalisation of Estonia’s education system will certainly be an added benefit for Estonian students and educational institutions,” claimed Kristel Rillo, Program Manager for Education and Entrepreneurship at ESTDEV.

With the ESTDEV scholarship, students can participate in graduate studies, continuing education and microdegree programs. They are dedicated public servants, who return to their home countries upon completion of their programs with the aim of becoming a well-informed, compelling voice in their country’s development.

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Estonian Centre for International Development is a government foundation that manages and implements Estonia’s participation in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects, with the aim of increasing Estonia’s contribution to global security and sustainable development.