ESTDEV Gets Estonian Private Companies Involved in the Reconstruction of Ukraine

As part of the Zhytomyr Oblast Reconstruction Project, the Estonian Centre for International Development Cooperation (ESTDEV) has started a partnership with the Sport OÜ Architectural Firm, which, with the support of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association, has prepared blueprints for a kindergarten in the town of Ovruch.

“We are grateful to Tiit Sild from the Sport OÜ Architectural Firm, who offered his help in the design of the Ovruch kindergarten,” said Tarmo Needo, Head of ESTDEV’s Ukrainian  Infrastructure Development Projects.

Today, the designs are nearly completed. “We have visited the site to see the location of the future kindergarten and consulted with Ukrainian architects and builders so that the project complies with Ukrainian regulations and laws,” explained Needo.

Needo adds that private sector companies and ESTDEV are necessary partners in the success of the Ovruch kindergarten project: “The amount allocated from the state budget is more like start-up capital. In order to successfully implement this project, ESTDEV needs to find cooperation partners from the private sector.”

The first stage of the plan is to build a kindergarten with four classrooms and an approximate total of 80 children. In addition to the classrooms, an assembly hall, kitchen, washrooms, and bomb shelter will also be constructed. The next stages – furnishing the kindergarten, the provision of pedagogical and educational tech solutions, the construction of a playground, and more – depend on the involvement of partners and the possibilities of the next year’s state budget.

“The least we can do as entrepreneurs is to contribute our knowledge and skills to rebuilding Ukraine.”

– Tiit Sild, Owner, Sport OÜ Architectural Firm

Tiit Sild ESTDEV

Architect Tiit Sild in Ovruch city

Tiit Sild, the owner of Sport OÜ, tells us that as an entrepreneur, it is both an important opportunity and an honor for him to participate in the Estonian project to rebuild Ukraine.

“Today, Ukrainians are fighting not only for their freedom, but for the entirety of democratic Europe. The least we can do as entrepreneurs is to contribute our knowledge and skills to rebuilding Ukraine,” explained architect Tiit Sild.

ESTDEV calls on all representatives of the private sector who may lend their advice and strength in support of the reconstruction of Ukraine to make themselves known. In the near future, ESTDEV will announce public tenders to find Estonian companies to construct modular buildings, do concrete work, build a playground, and purchase furniture.

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