Estonian companies have been contributing to the construction of Botswana’s e-state for many years, and its recent partnership with ESTDEV means that it is now a priority in development cooperation. In this way, the Estonian state is better able to support Estonian companies and organizations operating in Botswana while creating systemic and sustainable digital development in the country.

In 2022, ESTDEV focused on learning more about the Botswana context and will map partners and opportunities to apply Estonian expertise to Botswana in priority areas. As of September 1, 2022, there were no ongoing projects in Botswana.

Global Sustainable Development Goals in Botswana

Priority Areas of Estonian Development Cooperation in Botswana

  • Digital transformation – assessing national digital maturity and preparing a corresponding roadmap, which includes the development of existing and new e-government tools and e-services
  • Entrepreneurship – developing a start-up ecosystem and increasing 21st-century skills among young people, increasing the competitiveness of women and young people in the labor market, and introducing digital opportunities through evolving skill sets
  • Education – providing e-learning solutions, making e-learning materials more accessible, and developing digital skills

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