Estonia has been supporting Armenia since 2001, yet Armenia is not among the priority countries of Estonian development cooperation. Estonia has participated in internationally funded projects by sharing its reform experience, and it is clear that it is imperative to continue this effort in the future.

The pace and scope of Armenia’s European Union integration depends on the country’s own decisions. Membership in the Eurasian Economic Union does not allow economic integration at the same level of associated countries, but the European Union significantly contributes to the implementation of reforms.

Since 2001, Armenia has been supported by Estonian development cooperation in the amount of nearly 800,000 euros. During this period, 55 projects have been implemented in Armenia. As of September 1, 2022, there is one ongoing project in Armenia.

Global Sustainable Development Goals in Armenia

Priority Areas of Estonian Development Cooperation in Armenia

  • Poverty reduction – improving the situation of children and women living in poverty; collaborating to implement activities that support the rights and opportunities of women and children.
  • Democracy and good governance – collaborating to support the development of democracy and the implementation of good governance, including the principles of democratic local government; supporting the development of the third sector and the media; supporting the use of ICT opportunities, including e-government, in order to make social processes more open and citizen-oriented.
  • Education – sharing our experience; improving the availability of high-quality education; supporting multilingual education; developing general education; implementing the principles of inclusive education; developing vocational education; teacher training, curriculum reforms, and educational technology/digital learning are also important topics.
  • Entrepreneurship – supporting the development and innovation of small businesses, including introducing the principles of creating start-ups and involving women and young people in entrepreneurship.

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